Pampering with mango

Pampering with mangoPampering with mango includes a Mediterranean body scrub and a classical body massage using mango butter.

This is a relaxing full body massage with natural mango butter. It is especially recommended for people with very dry and sensitive skin. After the treatment, the skin is soft, supple and healthy and the body is relaxed. Mango butter (Mangifera indica) is one of the most fatty natural butters. It is produced from the kernel of mango seeds. Mango butter is a natural antioxidant. Is very beneficial for the skin because it moisturizes and nourishes. The skin is soft, supple and healthy. This is suitable for very dry, older and sensitive skin. It is also recommended for skin diseases and eczema. Mango butter can be used for massage or as a rich wrap for skin care.

A Mediterranean scrub is a combination of Slovenian Mediterranean salt, mango butter and ground orange blossom herbs with a natural scent of tangerines and limes.

Pampering with mango in our Spa - 90 min, 60 €

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