Manual lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massageManual lymphatic drainage massage using the technique of dr. Voddr influences the lymphatic system by a special technique of rubbing. The lymphatic system of our bodies is there to remove the products of metabolism. The basic purpose of lymphatic drainage is a detoxification of the body. This eliminates the lymph, saturated with macromolecules, lymphocytes and waste material. These are all products of cell metabolism. This yields a space or a way of passage. The intercellular space becomes more open and the substances needed by the cells for normal operation and regeneration will get to their destination quicker.

Of course, it also improves the immune system. After a treatment, the client sometimes feels tired, but the next day he or she feels more relaxed, "lighter". Lymphatic drainage is useful to eliminate oedema (swelling), improve the resilience of the immune system, and improve recovery from surgery and fractures (speeds up healing). It is also suitable for pregnant women to alleviate the swelling.

Full body  60 min/ 40 € - Half body ( only legs, arms,face, ...) - 20 min/ 20€

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