Clinical aromatherapy

Clinical aromatherapyClinical aromatherapy is an art, a way to achieve harmony between the masseur, the oil spices and the person enjoying the massage. It is a relaxation for both body and soul, a combination of aromas―essential oils―and therapy―massage. An intensive massage includes techniques such as lymphatic drainage massage, acupressure and foot reflex massage done with professional oils from the Eve Taylor Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy from London.

In clinical aromatherapy, special oils are used, which are chosen individually according to the purpose of therapy and the desires of the person enjoying the massage. The essential oils have a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effect. The effect in combination with massage is astonishing, especially in case of problems with the heart, stress , circulation, muscle tension and water retention, but there is also a general improvement in both the mood and health.

Clinical aromatherapy in our Spa - 75 min, 55 €

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