Body scrub

A body scrub is a totally natural way to exfoliate the skin and substitutes chemical removal of dead epidermal cells. The effect is instantaneous. The skin is regenerated, radiant and silky smooth to the touch. The treatment will open up and cleanse pores as well as improve microcirculation. This accelerates the natural process of epidermal regeneration, improving the oxygen flow to the skin. Exfoliation will speed up and enhance the effect of all skin treatment products used in subsequent treatments. It is used to prevent and reduce unwanted signs of skin ageing (dry thickened skin, wrinkles, dehydration).

It also helps to prevent or lighten small patches of dark skin on the chest, face and hands that appear due to ageing and exposure to the sun. The scrub is performed on the entire body or only on certain body parts. The Aroma Herbal scrubs are a combination of Mediterranean salt from Slovenia or sugar crystals with added special ingredient blends (mango butter, rice oil, coconut oil...).

Body scrub in our Spa - 20 min, 20 €

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